Atlanta based Bleeding Edge provides our customers around the world with a comprehensive range of web marketing services from strategy, internet marketing and branding to site design, architecture and development; programming, data integrationand e-commerce to eye catching graphics and compelling content and messaging; SEO, (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) to viral video campaigns and social networking.

We are a full service Marketing and Advertising Agency that does all of our production and development in-house. We are web-centric, but have been involved in video and multimedia since our inception since 1999. Our video and film production projects run the gamut from short promotional pieces and talking heads for websites to TV Commercials, Music Videos, Corporate Promotional Videos, Training Videos, Documentaries, Short Films and TV Pilots. Our corporate clients range from small SOHO (small office, home office) shops to large multinationals such as Kaiser Permanente, Manhatten Associates, Arris, CentiMark and many more.

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e-Strategy and Web Marketing

With the explosion of possibilities, companies that adapt and capitalize on these new developments will prosper. “…emotion is not a luxury: it is an expression of basic mechanisms of life regulation developed in evolution, and is indispensable for survival. It plays a critical role in virtually all aspects of learning, reasoning, and creativity.” – Neurobiologist Antonio Damasio
We have had several potential clients come to us with poorly performing websites. Their common complaint? Their site’s functionality was not user friendly. In actuality the problem is often not functionality, it is aesthetics. Their sites were just plain ugly to look at. Things are not enjoyable because they’re easy to use. Things will be easy to use if they are enjoyable.

At Bleeding Edge we invest great effort in staying ahead of the technological curve and in keeping abreast of the latest research in web marketing, viral marketing, online advertising and of course search engine optimization and analytics but unlike many of our competitors, we understand that profitability is not determined by the number of hits your website gets. Profitability is determined by how many of those visitors stay on your site and if their experience is a positive one. We build high functioning sites that perform some amazing things for our clients, and we understand how to drive traffic to a site and measure that traffic. What differentiates us from our competition is how we target your demographics, drive them to your site and convert them to loyal customers.

From a study out of Ontario:

In the blink of an eye, 1/20th of a second, web visitors form an opinion of a company. Through something called the halo effect, every subsequent interaction on that site is colored: Judgements regarding credibility, usability & ultimately purchasing decisions.

From a Stanford Study:

The appeal of the overall visual design of a site, including layout, typography, font size and color schemes is the number one factor we use to evaluate a websites credibility.

The Bottom Line? Attractive things work better. We want things that are pleasing to succeed and are more tolerant of any issues. Understanding this marketing precept and applying it to every project we undertake allows us to help you succeed online and exceed your expectations.

How we think cannot be separated from how we feel.

Web Development

We recognize the importance of viewing web design as part of an overall synthesis between strategy, messaging, graphics. Bobby Kennedy famously said “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.” At Bleeding Edge, we don’t normally say that. But we do say to our clients, “If you can imagine it, we can build it!” The definition of Web Development has grown from the days that a website was a simple online brochure, to the point that much of our waking hours at business and at play are spent online. There are tremendous opportunities for companies that can leverage the power of the web, as there are pitfalls that can negatively impact your growth.

Bleeding Edge has the resources to be your trusted partner in maximizing your ROI from web initiatives. We begin with a thorough grasp of marketing that was perfected in the early years of Bleeding Edge when we were focused on TV commercials, print and advertising. As we moved into the web space, we have managed to stay ahead of our competitors by anticipating the next big waves in marketing – from our early efforts with streaming video in 2001, through the evolution of online functionality and content management, to today’s emphasis on social networking, viral media and mobile web. Through it all we have never lost track of the human being that is the focus of all marketing efforts. At the root of everything we do is compelling content, visual messaging and elegant functionality.

Bleeding Edge is affordable, flexible and capable with some of the most talented people in the industry. From graphic design professionals to interactive media experts, from brilliant programmers to talented copywriters, our team members pride themselves on creativity, agility and responsiveness to our client’s needs. We are confident that once you’ve chosen Bleeding Edge as your service provider that we will be exceed your expectations for years to come.

HD Video Production

All of our video productions are developed in house. Whether it’s a TV commercial, corporate video, music video or broadcast. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with entertainment and information, where we are flooded with images and messages from television, radio, movies, print and the web, it is essential to have a partner with the creative and technical skills to create a vision and craft a message that will pierce the background noise. A vision that will be seen and remembered. A message that will inspire the result you desire. Welcome to the Bleeding Edge, where technology meets imagination!

At Bleeding Edge, our years of experience in broadcast television and corporate video, TV commercials, music videos, films and documentaries gives us the ability to achieve a level of excellence in all of our productions. If your project requires actors or voiceovers, we can bring in some of the most talented individuals in the industry without sinking your budget. We bring the same level of ingenuity and media savvy to our corporate projects as we do to our entertainment projects. A successful corporate video or commercial, just as a great film or memorable music video, begins with a quality script and storyboard. Our copywriters have decades of experience in the film industry and network television. They will apply that creativity and craftsmanship to your project, large or small.

For the music that adds flavor to your project, the talented composers and musicians that have created exciting and moving film scores and soundtracks will craft the musical background for your project. On the day of your production, the Bleeding Edge team will make your vision come to life. When your project is complete, we can repurpose your video or audio project across a broad range of delivery options. Internet TV, Broadcast TV, Viral Video, DVDs, Mobile Video, Rich Media Email Campaigns, Vodcasting and Podcasting – today’s marketplace offers an exciting array of potential platforms and audiences. Bleeding Edge has the technical mastery and creative skills to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Contact Bleeding Edge today, and together we will bring you to a wider audience, generate more business, more buzz, and more sales!

Social Media

Companies that can reinvent themselves to take advantage of constantly evolving technologies will cash in. Bleeding Edge. How we market and how we communicate is changing at a staggering pace. We have moved from messaging aimed at everyone – broadcast marketing, to communications aimed at the few – long-tail marketing, and have arrived at a place where everyone is marketing to everyone. Peer to peer, continuously, ubiquitously. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, the list goes on and on with new players arriving on the scene on a regular basis.
Marketing was for decades predicated on anticipating consumer’s needs and reactions. Now, in a world on constant connectivity, we simply ask them.

The basics of social networking are easy to grasp, and chances are if you’re reading this that you’re already immersed in a myriad of social networking platforms. What you have intuitively grasped is that, while many companies are attempting to use the new connectivity for promotional purposes, very few are succeeding. In reality, many are doing more harm than good by using social networking tools inappropriately or haphazardly. To make things more challenging, anyone that has a few days to do online research can learn the basics of social networking and hang out a shingle as an “Online Marketing Guru” or “Social Media Maven.” How do you, as a businessperson, know when you need help from an expert, and how can you determine who is an expert in a field that is constantly evolving?

Bleeding Edge looks at social networking, social media and viral video as part of an overall web marketing strategy. All of the elements are interrelated, all of the pieces are interdependent. You need a partner with the imagination and know how to craft a message that is consistent throughout the entirety of your marketing plan. A partner that can assist you in creating a social networking strategy and then either executing that strategy or giving you and your people the education and tools to move forward independently.

Contact us to begin the conversation today. We promise there will be no Gurus or Mavens!

Graphic Design

Great graphic design elevates every consumer experience. Our designers are visual evangelists for your brand that will work to understand your brand and represent it graphically in the most effective way possible. In 1/20th of a second – less time than it takes to blink – users will make an aesthetic judgment about your website. A positive impression will color the rest of their experience in something called “the halo effect.” In an online environment where “content is king”, professional graphic design often takes a back seat. At Bleeding Edge, we realize that all the effort put into maximizing traffic to your site, and all the hours spent writing great, compelling copy, are for naught if the look of your site does not appeal to your users.

Early on in our process with clients we determine the type of images that appeal to your most profitable demographics along with color schemes that will resonate with those groups and influence consumer psychology in an effective way. A creative brief is drawn up that guides every member of the design team towards a common goal of maximizing the visual impact of your site.

Great graphic design enhances and enriches the user experience in a way that showcases compelling, persuasive content. At Bleeding Edge, graphic design is a science as well as an art. Take a look at our portfolio of work to see just a few examples of our graphic design prowess.

Copywriting and Messaging

Engage, educate, inform and enrich. At the foundation of every marketing and advertising campaign is compelling. Content creation, copywriting and editing are inextricably linked with your overall marketing strategy as well as online marketing strategy and search engine optimization. Attempting to compartmentalize any or all of these tasks can lead to less than stellar results and reduced cost effectiveness. At Bleeding Edge, we have a unique blend of copywriters and storytellers, scriptwriters and marketers. We understand that effective content is ultimately about telling a story in a compelling way that resonates emotionally with your audience.

When search engine optimization and search engine marketing is thrown in the mix the level of difficulty increases dramatically, as research results from web analytics is applied to content, the challenge in maintaining that compelling copy while persuading your target demographic to action and integrating keywords and phrases without their inclusion being obvious is a task that combines art with science.

This is where a firm like Bleeding Edge can be invaluable to your marketing efforts. Our years of experience in film and video telling stories, combined with many decades of cumulative experience in writing copy, enhanced with writers that are skilled in integrating all of these elements is a winning combination. Schedule a consultation today for a recommendation analysis or just to chat about your business’ goals and aspirations. We’re here to help!

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization, pay-per-click, link building – Bleeding Edge can guide you through the maze of information to capitalize on opportunities. Businesses attempting to make sense of the current state of search engine optimization are presented with a confusing array of choices. A Google search for SEO consultants yields one million one hundred and twenty thousand results. There are companies that promise page one rankings, companies that quote millions of dollars generated for their clients, companies that offer services for a few hundred dollars with “guaranteed” results. If you take away one piece of information from reading this text, let it be that search engine optimization must be part of an overall marketing strategy.

The early days of SEO saw webmasters cramming metatags with keywords, sometimes in the same color as the background of the page to maximize results. It wasn’t long before Google and others shot down this technique and others like it. “Black hat” techniques kept springing up and would soon be eliminated in a cat and mouse game between unscrupulous web developers and service providers. What we have arrived at is a situation where keywords in metatags have become virtually worthless. By far, the most important single thing a company can do to get qualified traffic to their site is maximize their content “organically.” Keywords must appear in the body of your site’s text, but not too frequently. In addition, incoming links from legitimate sites are given considerable weight in determining your site’s SEO success.

What you are missing if you contract one of the current SEO firms is conversion. Compelling content is what keeps visitors on your site when they arrive. If a page is written by an SEO expert who is not also a gifted writer, the result is a page that will bring in traffic which will immediately “bounce” when they see stilted, incomprehensible copy. If a page is designed by a web developer that believes that content is king, the result is an immediate bounce when viewers see an ugly site that doesn’t resonate with them emotionally.

Take a look at our blog entry on “Why Pretty is more Profitable than Ugly” and contact Bleeding Edge, confident that the SEO strategy we design for you will not only bring in traffic but will convert that traffic to loyal customers and will integrate elegantly into a total marketing plan built to last!

Branding and Traditional Advertising

Emotional connection. At the core of what we do are images and messages that evoke strong emotions and build confidence. Bleeding Edge is fully rooted in the digital age. We are focused like a laser on maximizing ROI for our clients using the technologies and delivery channels that are evolving and being created, seemingly overnight. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that the basics of consumer psychology have not changed at anything approaching the rate of change in technology. The principles of good marketing today are similar to the principles that were successful in the 50’s and 60’s. Even though our passion is looking around the next corner and anticipating new advertising channels, new tech and changing paradigms, we never lose site of how brands connect with people and how important a part emotional resonance plays in a successful marketing and advertising campaign.

Our research, analytics and experience show that tremendous opportunities exist in the online and digital realms, but for many of our clients we have been able to leverage old-school marketing mediums to great effect. Marketing collateral ranging from an eye-catching brochure or sell sheet, to a glossy mailer or prospectus, to a timely newspaper or magazine ad can still help solidify a relationship with your customers. For local advertising, TV commercials can bring significant returns on investment for the right business. Bleeding Edge opened its doors years ago as a video production company and we have the creativity and know-how in house gleaned from countless TV commercials to capitalize on this surprisingly inexpensive way to broadcast your message to large numbers of viewers. We are also an authorized Airtime Agency for Comcast and can put together a schedule for your on air spots that will reach your precise demographic at the times they are watching for the least amount of money.

Contact us today to find out how we can integrate print and broadcast advertising in to your marketing plan!

Workshops and Training

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