Branding and Traditional Advertising

Emotional connection. At the core of what we do are images and messages that evoke strong emotions and build confidence. Bleeding Edge is fully rooted in the digital age. We are focused like a laser on maximizing ROI for our clients using the technologies and delivery channels that are evolving and being created, seemingly overnight. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that the basics of consumer psychology have not changed at anything approaching the rate of change in technology. The principles of good marketing today are similar to the principles that were successful in the 50’s and 60’s. Even though our passion is looking around the next corner and anticipating new advertising channels, new tech and changing paradigms, we never lose site of how brands connect with people and how important a part emotional resonance plays in a successful marketing and advertising campaign.

Our research, analytics and experience show that tremendous opportunities exist in the online and digital realms, but for many of our clients we have been able to leverage old-school marketing mediums to great effect. Marketing collateral ranging from an eye-catching brochure or sell sheet, to a glossy mailer or prospectus, to a timely newspaper or magazine ad can still help solidify a relationship with your customers. For local advertising, TV commercials can bring significant returns on investment for the right business. Bleeding Edge opened its doors years ago as a video production company and we have the creativity and know-how in house gleaned from countless TV commercials to capitalize on this surprisingly inexpensive way to broadcast your message to large numbers of viewers. We are also an authorized Airtime Agency for Comcast and can put together a schedule for your on air spots that will reach your precise demographic at the times they are watching for the least amount of money.

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