Search Engine Optimization

Optimization, pay-per-click, link building – Bleeding Edge can guide you through the maze of information to capitalize on opportunities. Businesses attempting to make sense of the current state of search engine optimization are presented with a confusing array of choices. A Google search for SEO consultants yields one million one hundred and twenty thousand results. There are companies that promise page one rankings, companies that quote millions of dollars generated for their clients, companies that offer services for a few hundred dollars with “guaranteed” results. If you take away one piece of information from reading this text, let it be that search engine optimization must be part of an overall marketing strategy.

The early days of SEO saw webmasters cramming metatags with keywords, sometimes in the same color as the background of the page to maximize results. It wasn’t long before Google and others shot down this technique and others like it. “Black hat” techniques kept springing up and would soon be eliminated in a cat and mouse game between unscrupulous web developers and service providers. What we have arrived at is a situation where keywords in metatags have become virtually worthless. By far, the most important single thing a company can do to get qualified traffic to their site is maximize their content “organically.” Keywords must appear in the body of your site’s text, but not too frequently. In addition, incoming links from legitimate sites are given considerable weight in determining your site’s SEO success.

What you are missing if you contract one of the current SEO firms is conversion. Compelling content is what keeps visitors on your site when they arrive. If a page is written by an SEO expert who is not also a gifted writer, the result is a page that will bring in traffic which will immediately “bounce” when they see stilted, incomprehensible copy. If a page is designed by a web developer that believes that content is king, the result is an immediate bounce when viewers see an ugly site that doesn’t resonate with them emotionally.

Take a look at our blog entry on “Why Pretty is more Profitable than Ugly” and contact Bleeding Edge, confident that the SEO strategy we design for you will not only bring in traffic but will convert that traffic to loyal customers and will integrate elegantly into a total marketing plan built to last!