Copywriting and Messaging

Engage, educate, inform and enrich. At the foundation of every marketing and advertising campaign is compelling. Content creation, copywriting and editing are inextricably linked with your overall marketing strategy as well as online marketing strategy and search engine optimization. Attempting to compartmentalize any or all of these tasks can lead to less than stellar results and reduced cost effectiveness. At Bleeding Edge, we have a unique blend of copywriters and storytellers, scriptwriters and marketers. We understand that effective content is ultimately about telling a story in a compelling way that resonates emotionally with your audience.

When search engine optimization and search engine marketing is thrown in the mix the level of difficulty increases dramatically, as research results from web analytics is applied to content, the challenge in maintaining that compelling copy while persuading your target demographic to action and integrating keywords and phrases without their inclusion being obvious is a task that combines art with science.

This is where a firm like Bleeding Edge can be invaluable to your marketing efforts. Our years of experience in film and video telling stories, combined with many decades of cumulative experience in writing copy, enhanced with writers that are skilled in integrating all of these elements is a winning combination. Schedule a consultation today for a recommendation analysis or just to chat about your business’ goals and aspirations. We’re here to help!