Graphic Design

Great graphic design elevates every consumer experience. Our designers are visual evangelists for your brand that will work to understand your brand and represent it graphically in the most effective way possible. In 1/20th of a second – less time than it takes to blink – users will make an aesthetic judgment about your website. A positive impression will color the rest of their experience in something called “the halo effect.” In an online environment where “content is king”, professional graphic design often takes a back seat. At Bleeding Edge, we realize that all the effort put into maximizing traffic to your site, and all the hours spent writing great, compelling copy, are for naught if the look of your site does not appeal to your users.

Early on in our process with clients we determine the type of images that appeal to your most profitable demographics along with color schemes that will resonate with those groups and influence consumer psychology in an effective way. A creative brief is drawn up that guides every member of the design team towards a common goal of maximizing the visual impact of your site.

Great graphic design enhances and enriches the user experience in a way that showcases compelling, persuasive content. At Bleeding Edge, graphic design is a science as well as an art. Take a look at our portfolio of work to see just a few examples of our graphic design prowess.