Social Media

Companies that can reinvent themselves to take advantage of constantly evolving technologies will cash in. Bleeding Edge. How we market and how we communicate is changing at a staggering pace. We have moved from messaging aimed at everyone – broadcast marketing, to communications aimed at the few – long-tail marketing, and have arrived at a place where everyone is marketing to everyone. Peer to peer, continuously, ubiquitously. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, the list goes on and on with new players arriving on the scene on a regular basis.

Marketing was for decades predicated on anticipating consumer’s needs and reactions. Now, in a world on constant connectivity, we simply ask them.

The basics of social networking are easy to grasp, and chances are if you’re reading this that you’re already immersed in a myriad of social networking platforms. What you have intuitively grasped is that, while many companies are attempting to use the new connectivity for promotional purposes, very few are succeeding. In reality, many are doing more harm than good by using social networking tools inappropriately or haphazardly. To make things more challenging, anyone that has a few days to do online research can learn the basics of social networking and hang out a shingle as an “Online Marketing Guru” or “Social Media Maven.” How do you, as a businessperson, know when you need help from an expert, and how can you determine who is an expert in a field that is constantly evolving?

Bleeding Edge looks at social networking, social media and viral video as part of an overall web marketing strategy. All of the elements are interrelated, all of the pieces are interdependent. You need a partner with the imagination and know how to craft a message that is consistent throughout the entirety of your marketing plan. A partner that can assist you in creating a social networking strategy and then either executing that strategy or giving you and your people the education and tools to move forward independently.

Contact us to begin the conversation today. We promise there will be no Gurus or Mavens!