HD Video Production

All of our video productions are developed in house. Whether it’s a TV commercial, corporate video, music video or broadcast. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with entertainment and information, where we are flooded with images and messages from television, radio, movies, print and the web, it is essential to have a partner with the creative and technical skills to create a vision and craft a message that will pierce the background noise. A vision that will be seen and remembered. A message that will inspire the result you desire. Welcome to the Bleeding Edge, where technology meets imagination!

At Bleeding Edge, our years of experience in broadcast television and corporate video, TV commercials, music videos, films and documentaries gives us the ability to achieve a level of excellence in all of our productions. If your project requires actors or voiceovers, we can bring in some of the most talented individuals in the industry without sinking your budget. We bring the same level of ingenuity and media savvy to our corporate projects as we do to our entertainment projects. A successful corporate video or commercial, just as a great film or memorable music video, begins with a quality script and storyboard. Our copywriters have decades of experience in the film industry and network television. They will apply that creativity and craftsmanship to your project, large or small.

For the music that adds flavor to your project, the talented composers and musicians that have created exciting and moving film scores and soundtracks will craft the musical background for your project. On the day of your production, the Bleeding Edge team will make your vision come to life. When your project is complete, we can repurpose your video or audio project across a broad range of delivery options. Internet TV, Broadcast TV, Viral Video, DVDs, Mobile Video, Rich Media Email Campaigns, Vodcasting and Podcasting – today’s marketplace offers an exciting array of potential platforms and audiences. Bleeding Edge has the technical mastery and creative skills to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Contact Bleeding Edge today, and together we will bring you to a wider audience, generate more business, more buzz, and more sales!