e-Strategy and Web Marketing

With the explosion of possibilities, companies that adapt and capitalize on these new developments will prosper. “…emotion is not a luxury: it is an expression of basic mechanisms of life regulation developed in evolution, and is indispensable for survival. It plays a critical role in virtually all aspects of learning, reasoning, and creativity.” – Neurobiologist Antonio Damasio
We have had several potential clients come to us with poorly performing websites. Their common complaint? Their site’s functionality was not user friendly. In actuality the problem is often not functionality, it is aesthetics. Their sites were just plain ugly to look at. Things are not enjoyable because they’re easy to use. Things will be easy to use if they are enjoyable.

At Bleeding Edge we invest great effort in staying ahead of the technological curve and in keeping abreast of the latest research in web marketing, viral marketing, online advertising and of course search engine optimization and analytics but unlike many of our competitors, we understand that profitability is not determined by the number of hits your website gets. Profitability is determined by how many of those visitors stay on your site and if their experience is a positive one. We build high functioning sites that perform some amazing things for our clients, and we understand how to drive traffic to a site and measure that traffic. What differentiates us from our competition is how we target your demographics, drive them to your site and convert them to loyal customers.

From a study out of Ontario:

In the blink of an eye, 1/20th of a second, web visitors form an opinion of a company. Through something called the halo effect, every subsequent interaction on that site is colored: Judgements regarding credibility, usability & ultimately purchasing decisions.

From a Stanford Study:

The appeal of the overall visual design of a site, including layout, typography, font size and color schemes is the number one factor we use to evaluate a websites credibility.

The Bottom Line? Attractive things work better. We want things that are pleasing to succeed and are more tolerant of any issues. Understanding this marketing precept and applying it to every project we undertake allows us to help you succeed online and exceed your expectations.

How we think cannot be separated from how we feel.