Video Marketing

Some fun statistics:

60% of website visitors will watch a video if available rather than reading text.

Business execs prefer watching video, too. 59% of senior executives prefer video over text, 75% watch videos while working  and 65% navigate from YouTube videos to the subject-related site.

A study by Forrester Research showed that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words for marketing purposes.

Did you know that video gets a disproportionate weight from Google over text, blogs, and still photos? Yes, they do.

SEO has changed a lot in the last few years. Google changed their search algorithms to give video content much more weight than text, blogs, etc. It became our mission at Bleeding Edge to take advantage of what is called “Google Blended Results.” You’ve probably noticed if you’re searching online and ask a question the top results are usually videos if videos exist that answer the question or topic. This gives companies a unique opportunity to get rapid results – outstripping your competition that may be throwing money at pay-per-clicks and reams of online copy.

The most bang for your buck in spending for your online presence is in SEO and the most bang for your SEO buck is in video. It is easier to rank with video than any other media on search.

With Bleeding Edge, you can get short, informative, and entertaining videos shot for your business to supercharge your marketing and improve your search rankings dramatically.

How do we do it? Here’s an approach we’ve taken with many clients that provides a lot of bang for the buck:

Over the course of a half day or less, you are going to answer several questions (8 to 10) your clients frequently ask – basically your most heard FAQs – and we are going to film you doing it. Unless you are not comfortable speaking in public. Let’s face it many people aren’t and that’s ok too. If you want to do it, we coach you. If you don’t want to then we bring in a professional actor or spokesperson for an added fee. Either way, your info is going to be professionally delivered

We’ll go over those questions with you, both the questions and answers. We tighten up those answers so they only take a minute or two to answer. Like a bullet point format.

Then it’s time to film.

We have a professional lighting setup. For real, it takes more time to set up the lights than it does to film you answering your questions. Unless you didn’t practice your answers……But you’re gonna look and sound good when we’re done.

Not only do we make you look good and sound good, we do some additional cool stuff on your behalf.

We improve your brand identity on the video with logos, bumper music and motion graphics. It doesn’t matter how you look and sound if the visual quality of the video is boring or looks like crap. This will be something you will be proud to show friends and clients.

We create a YouTube channel for you and FB Business Page if you don’t already have one and post them there in easy to view formats. All with links back to your business web page. Again, great for SEO to have links from YouTube and FB back to your site.

For those that prefer to read than watch out there, we do an edited transcript and submit that to Google too along with the video, all to enhance that important search.


This is alot of good stuff, isn’t it? But there’s more to our strategy.

The Release Strategy

We can’t bombard Google with 30 minutes of shiny new video about your business all at once. They don’t like that kind of thing, and more importantly, it doesn’t maximize your search results.

So what do we do?

We release 1 video per week, meaning over the course of 2-3 months all of your videos get out there in bite size pieces and make it very easy to share them around with friends, clients and prospects. All to increase engagement on each one when released.

We utilize all your social media. Is Twitter big with your industry? Maybe Instagram? We post there, use their features like the FB Boost Post feature to increase visibility and point it all back to your site, just like Google likes it.











What you get is professional video quality, professional sound, expert editing, visually appealing and it answers one of your most frequently answered questions, all for the price of $1250.

That means for most of you reading this that one deal or one new client more than pays for this service. And when you think about everything you’re getting, it’s a fantastic value. Professional quality, optimized, brings your whole social media strategy into focus and gets you the most bang for your Google searching buck.

A picture, or in this case, a link and a video is worth 1000 words. Really it’s worth way more than 1000. Some marketers think it’s worth 1.8 million words per 1 minute of video (link: . Just ten percent of that at 180,000 words is still pretty awesome and a great value.

The time or money involved in generating 180,000 words of content is much more than $1250. An average writer on might charge you 6c per word, meaning your 180,000 words costs $10,800 to buy. And the time required to write all of this yourself is way more expensive too since that’s time taken away from doing your business or marketing your business or taking you away from something else you’d rather do for fun. And remember, you don’t get 1 minute of video, you get up to 20 minutes if you spend 2 minutes each answering 10 FAQ.

The value of this service speaks for itself.

Email me personally at or give me a call at (404) 352-8960 today so we can figure out which parts of your business you should put on video today.

And you may never have to answer that annoying question you always get from a new prospect ever again.